Attracting and retaining talent becomes more challenging
as employee expectations evolve and new generations join
the working world. A programme of recognition and
reward that offers real value to employees is a powerful
motivator to join and stay with a company. Penguins will
help you make yours amazing.


The challenge of staff retention continues to grow as businesses promote enticing starter packs and benefit programmes, while advancements in technology see the world become more inter-connected.
But what truly motivates and boosts people most remains the same. Everyone wants to feel appreciated, particularly by their leaders.
Whether it’s thank you from the bottom of the heart, a shout out in a meeting, an award at the annual conference or simply the opportunity to be listened to, showing your staff gratitude will increase morale and boost your employer brand.


Why Phoenix?
We’ll help you create a reward and recognition programme that is based around personal experiences.
There’s never a bad time to demonstrate appreciation, but when it’s delivered effectively and with purpose, it creates a far more powerful impression. Allow Phoenix to work with you on your reward and recognition programmes and your employees will feel valued, motivated and keen to grow with your organization.
With over 2 decades of experience working in the delivery of internal communications, the Phoenix team understands exactly what makes employees tick – and we’re full of great ideas to enhance staff happiness and nurture loyalty.







Collaborate with Phoenix for happier

employees and a great push to your