Live events can be truly inspirational. The best of

them should engage and excite all five senses and leave

the guests mesmerized and delighted. To communicate

effectively and positively influence your audience,

there’s no better approach than a sensational event.

Phoenix can work with you to identify the best routes

to communicate your message, using your venue to its

best advantage, and deliver the solution in spectacular



Sensational services

Eye catching visuals and state-of-the-art sound are among top must-haves for every event. Our audio-visual services form the backbone of our event production. With our infinite stock of in-house equipment, we can offer you greater choices for your event and remain budget friendly.


Spectacular delivery

Of course, it’s not just about having the right elements and equipment. We combine our access to the most hi tech audio-visual equipment with our experience and expertise to create unique experiences and unforgettable moments. Bathe your room in light that reflects your brand, with a vivid colour-washing display, or bring a key object, or entire room, to life with the latest projection mapping technology.


Great events – pure and simple

If you need help to ensure that your event is second to none, we can give you all the support you need. What’s more, we’ll share our expertise in plain English, so you’re with us at every step of the way – never lost in a wave of ‘mumbo-jumbo.






Challenges: Integral part of our motivational

factors – whatever you want from your event,

you can trust Phoenix to deliver, above and

beyond your expectations.